The Mysterious Gershayim

And you shall provide from the whole nation virtuous men who fear God, men of truth, haters of corruption; and place over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.
—Exodus 18:21

Bernie Sanders presidential buttons

Bernie Sanders presidential buttons. O, the things you find on the internet. Note that the button on the left is in Hebrew and the one in the middle is in Yiddish.

Let’s talk about Hebrew punctuation for a minute. Earlier this week, I came across this conversation on Tumblr:

Do you know what תשעייז means? I found it on a Bernie Sanders button and Google translate has failed me thus far.

As other users correctly pointed out, “It’s the Jewish year (5)777. (the current year is 5776 but it’ll be 5777 in november when the elections are)” The Jewish year begins at Rosh Hashana, which this year starts October 2, so having that year on the button is essentially a very Jewish way of saying Sanders 2016. How does this work? And what’s the deal with those two yud-looking things on the button?1 Continue reading

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1. A version of this post was previously posted on my Tumblr.